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Safety in Demolition - Precautions Demolition Workers Should Take

Demolition work is often a necessary part of a construction project and comes with many safety risks. As a result, demolition workers need to take precautions to stay safe to avoid injury to themselves, co-workers, and the public. In this article, we asses some of the precaution’s demolition workers should take to stay safe on the job.

Trained and Qualified

Demolition contractors should have the right experience and training before beginning any demolition project. In many cases, a demo worker who is not fully trained may cause more damage than good on a site because they do not know what they are doing. As a result, it is important to hire highly trained and qualified workers.

Properly Equipped and Site Scoped

Demolition workers should have the right equipment and personal protection equipment (PPE) to do their job. They should have the right tools, protective wear like, helmets, hardhats, boots, amongst other safety gear depending on the job in hand. Without the right PPE, demolition workers will not be prepared for the job. All demolition sites should be fully assessed before demolition work begins. Site and project managers will have already walked and the site well ahead of the work taking place. In doing so, all workers will know exactly what needs to be done and the best way to handle every part of the job.

Ceilings and Walkways Braced

Before starting any demolition project, ensure that all ceilings and walkways are fully braced and supported. Though this may seem like an obvious precaution, it can save lives!

Workers should ensure that the ceilings and any walkways on the site are secured with scaffolding or other materials, so they do not collapse. These can be a huge safety hazard and can cause serious injury.

Wear Proper Protection Equipment (PPE)

One of the most essential demolition health and safety precautions all employees should take is to wear adequate protection equipment during all operations. A demo worker who wears proper protection like hardhats, dust masks, earplugs, eye protection, and other safety gear will be much safer while on the job. Without this PPE, workers could end up in a serious accident. The rule is always wear full safety equipment at all times, no excuses.

Follow Building Anchoring Techniques

When demolishing a building or structure, proper anchoring techniques should be used to secure job in question. Not doing so can cause property damage and injury to workers and others. It is important to know and follow proper anchoring techniques to prevent any fallout from a demolition process.

Report Poor Work to Site Management

Staff should report any bad practices immediately to site management. Though it is not uncommon for minor incidents or accidents to occur while on a construction or demolition site, workers should still report them through the appropriate channels. It is better to get ahead of any potential danger waiting to happen rather than let work continue with poor safety practices.

Demolition Safety Conclusion

Like in any other profession, demolition work can be dangerous if not carried by a professional company and done safely. All workers should take certain precautions to stay safe on the job. By following the rules and regulation, staff will be ready for whatever comes their way during a job.

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