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Hiring the Best Demolition Company

Compared to other types of building work, demolition must surely be quite straightforward? … After all, how hard can it be just to knock something down?

The truth is, a good demolition job requires bucket loads of expertise and experience. One problem, for instance, building and construction mistakes can usually be seen with the naked eye, but if your demolition contractor puts one foot wrong, you won’t see it coming until you find yourself drowning in writs and legal paperwork before the day is out.

In this article, we provide some pointers of what to consider when you need to hire a professional demolition company.

There’s no such thing as an ‘average’ demolition gig. Every job will have its snags and special requirements. So, note how carefully your chosen firm(s) check out the site before fixing a price. Never settle on contractors who don’t make a site visit – you can’t survey a entire demolition job over the telephone.

Whether the project involves working at height, dealing with hazardous materials, coping with unstable structures, handling restricted access, or solving any of a dozen other problems, you need to be sure your demolition contractor can cope. That not only means having the necessary know-how to minimise risks and work around obstacles, but it also means having the right equipment to get the job done safely with minimal impact upon the surrounding environment.

It’s sensible to get three to four quotes from different specialist companies. That should be enough to help you understand the problems and pitfalls of the task ahead. Comparing the detail of your quotes should also help you assess how well each firm understands the demands of the job. And while price is not unimportant, don’t be too swayed by companies clearly quoting a knock-down price – you may find all kinds of ‘extras’ cropping up along the way. You should also be suspicious of those who start slashing their prices just to compete – this may later result in hidden cost-saving measures to make ends meet.

Risk and demolition health and safety. Demolition sites are dangerous areas, even for the experts. Make sure your chosen contractor has demolition public liability insurance. This should normally have cover set somewhere between £1–10 million. In addition, most firms will have specialist demolition insurance covering a broad range of risks, perhaps including property damage and professional indemnity.

Beyond insurance, accredited demolition contractors are sure to need certain licenses and permissions. Health and safety legislation covers a broad range of topics which could affect a professional demolition company. Demolition could involve disconnecting or working around utility services such as gas and electricity, traffic management, conducting dangerous heavy lifting operations, or operating potentially dangerous cutting tools, cranes, and wrecking equipment. Many demolitions will require a demolition notice, with additional consents required in conservation areas, for example, or when working on listed buildings.

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In addition, it’s not unusual for unsuspected hazardous substances to be uncovered during demolition work. Dangerous chemicals give off fumes, and some exotic hardwoods can cause nasty symptoms when handled and/or if the dust is inhaled. If asbestos should be found on site, then a special license will be required to cover its safe removal and disposal.

All such tasks require great care and expertise. Most will also demand special protective clothing and perhaps generate costly charges for waste disposal – all of which a careful demolition contractor should have discovered during an initial survey and brought to your attention from the outset.

Get to know your contractors early and go with those who, according to your research, really know what they are doing. It’s wise to ask questions, explore track records and check feedback from previous customers. It’s equally important to clarify final figures for the job, understand important terms and conditions, and know when payment is expected.

Most properly accredited demolition contractors will not expect any payment up front – and if they do, you should clarify what exceptional expense this is intended to cover.

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