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Demolition Notice – What is it?

What is a Demolition Notice? If we watch news and TV footage, some demolitions projects happen quite quickly and can look quite spectacular. However, the reality is that the majority
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Building Regulations

Building Regulations Speak to anyone in the building trade and it won’t be long before you hear that the UK has some of the tightest regulations imaginable to control what
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UK Demolition Law

UK Demolition Laws

UK Demolition Laws Demolitions are governed under the Building Act 1984, which requires property owners to give a six-week notice to the local authority before tearing down a building or
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Demolition Services

Demolition Services Demolition contractors are tasked with the huge responsibility of removing structures, buildings, and houses from any given site they are contracted to work on. They’re services include removing
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Hiring The Best Demolition Company

Hiring the Best Demolition Company Compared to other types of building work, demolition must surely be quite straightforward? … After all, how hard can it be just to knock something
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Demolition Quote and Price

Demolition Quotation and Costs

Demolition Quotation and Costs Whether demolishing a house to make way for a new one, or removing and old extension from the property, your first consideration should be the demolition
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