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Demolition Quotation and Costs

Whether demolishing a house to make way for a new one, or removing and old extension from the property, your first consideration should be the demolition process and its costs.

Budgeting for demolition work is challenging since the requirements for knocking down a building or structure differ from one building type to the next. For instance, a demolition company will quote a lower cost for bringing down an old garage extension than pulling down an entire house.

In this article we look at some of the costs involved in demolition, plus the factors that can affect a quotation.

Demolition contractors usually provides a cost estimate for tearing down a property to its foundations. However, the demolition estimate may not include knocking down the foundation and ensuring it is ready for a new project. If you are demolishing structures and intend to rebuild immediately, you may have to pay extra for the destruction of the foundation.

Demolition quotes often cover the cost of labour, but the process still requires additional resources. While house demolition does not require planning permission, knocking down some structures may require special permission from the local authorities, this could raise the quotation if you need to pay for planning permission for example.

Waste removal costs have a significant impact on demolition charges. Demolition quotations will not always cover the cost of waste removal, and you need to hire skips of specialist waste removal services. Fortunately, you may be able to recoup some of the waste removal charges from salvaged materials that can be repurposed.

If a residential demolition project requires the removal of hazardous materials like asbestos, the costs could skyrocket. Most buildings built before the 1990s had asbestos in the roofs of garages, while some used it for panelling, guttering and pipework. Removal of asbestos needs a specialist who can handle and dispose of the hazardous waste before demolition commences.

Other additional charges considered may include removing partition walls and garden waste. When removing a single wall, the price quoted may be lower, but you need to apply for planning permission or organise an inspection, which can add to the costs. If you are demolishing a load-bearing wall, you may well spend less compared to demolishing a party wall. Party wall removal requires additional structural checks since it can affect the structural integrity of the building.

Other factors that can affect demolition costs. Size and type of property affect the cost of demolition work to be carried out. Naturally, demolishing a four storey building will cost more than knocking down a two bedroom bungalow. The property type can also increase prices due to the complexity of the demolition process. For instance, tearing down a terraced house is costly due to the multiple considerations before demolition. The contractor will need to consider and plan for the attached houses and the proximity to the street. They will also consider other structures within the compound when determining final costs. If necessary, things like fences, shades and swimming pools will be factored into the quotation. If accessibility to the property is a problem, the company will also consider this.

The location of the property influences the demolition quote, for example in larger cities, demolition contractors may charge more based on the higher cost of living in the area and acceptable rates of competitors. Often the demolition method required to bring down a building or structure also affects the overall price. Hand demolition, explosion and top-down demolition all have different price bands.

When budgeting for demolition work, talk to the local planning office to determine the special permissions you may need. You will most certainly need to consult with your neighbours when demolishing terraced houses and semi-detached buildings.

Before deciding on the demolition company to carry out the work, shop around to ensure you get the very best at a competitive price.

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