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What is a Demolition Notice?

If we watch news and TV footage, some demolitions projects happen quite quickly and can look quite spectacular. However, the reality is that the majority of demolition work requires permission, usually in the form of what is called a Section 80 Demolition Notice; which must be obtained from the relevant local authority.

Section 80 Demolition Notice?

Think of the ‘notice’ as the ‘planning application phase’ for the demolition of a building or structure before anyone can make arrangements to start the demolition process in the main.

The Building Act 1984 makes it clear that advance permission must be received from the local authority concerned. Naturally, there are some exceptions to this ruling. The main exemptions where a demolition notice is not required include:

– any internal demolitions where the property will still be occupied throughout the demolition;
– buildings where the volume is less than 1,750 cubic feet;
– shed, greenhouse, conservatory and prefabricated garage buildings;
– any building designated as an agricultural building – but only where it is not attached to other non-agricultural buildings.

Tower Demolition

Associated Responsibilities

While all demolition work will have certain unique features. The demolition company or contractor responsible for any work will advise that a demolition notice is usually the start of a formal process. For instance, the local authority will also want confirmation that the occupiers of neighbouring properties have been informed; that any utility companies supplying gas, electricity and/or water to the building have been properly notified; and will also require details of how any on-site drainage facilities will be properly sealed once the work has been completed.

Beyond these standard commitments, further special permissions may well be necessary in some circumstances.

For example, if the property in question has listed building status, is located within a designated National Park or similar conservation area, or if the demolition itself will involve the removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos or chemicals (which would require a different form of demolition survey).

Requests for Additional Work

As already implied, applying for a demolition notice can often be a time-consuming process. Another issue which can slow things down is the local authority may see fit to serve a Section 81 Notice asking for additional work to be completed. This often occurs when the responsible authority deems it necessary to specify certain safeguarding measures which must be put in place for the demolition to go ahead.

For example:

– ensuring any damage to neighbouring buildings will be adequately repaired upon completion;
– specifying certain public-safety measures which must apply throughout the building demolition;
– creating a schedule of weatherproofing and other measures necessary to ensure neighbouring properties are adequately protected during the proposed work;
– insisting upon detailed information about arrangements for the disconnection of utilities;
– any further steps considered necessary for public safety, and to guarantee the preservation of any public amenities considered at risk during the demolition.

Demolition Notice Costs

Local authorities set their own fees for these notices, though most will charge a fee of £150 and perhaps considerably more, generally all paid in advance, so it’s best to consult locally for the relevant information.

The most sensible option is to approach an experienced demolition contractor who operates in your local area. Experience professional demolition companies will be able to offer detailed advice based on the type of building you propose to have demolished and the area in which it is located.

Local demolition contractors will also be able to give you an advance warning and advice of any difficulties which may arise during the process.

Regardless of the process, the company you consult with should still be able to supply a detailed demolition quote for all the proposed changes you wish to make.

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